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Tiger Fighting, October 19 News Rivaldo recently published an article in his column. In the article, he said that when Griezmann was still playing at Atletico Madrid, he admired Griezmann very much. Rivaldo believes that there is no problem with Griezmann's ability. He believes that what Griezmann has to do now is to regain his confidence. Rivaldo also talked about Neymar, who said that Neymar has been performing very well since last season.

Tiger Fighting,10月19日新闻Rivaldo最近在他的专栏中发表了一篇文章。他在文章中说,格里兹曼仍在马德里竞技队效力时,他非常欣赏格里兹曼。里瓦尔多认为格里兹曼的能力没有问题。他认为格里兹曼现在要做的是重新获得信心。里瓦尔多还谈到了内马尔,他说内马尔自上赛季以来表现一直很好。

Rivaldo mentioned: "Barca ended the game with Getafe before, and before that, Messi and the Argentine national team have gone through a long journey together, including a match with Bolivia at a high altitude. ."


"In the past two weeks, many players have participated in international competitions, many players have experienced long-distance travel, and that is very difficult for the players."


"I believe Koeman has also communicated with Barcelona's medical team before. To be honest, it is very important for the team to take good care of the players' health."


"But I believe Messi definitely wants to play as many games as possible, because he always wants to stay on the court."


Rivaldo also talked about his views on Griezmann, who believes that Griezmann is still not confident enough in Barcelona. Rivaldo said: "Gleezman is a very good player."


"When he was in the French national team and in Atletico, I admired him, but I think Griezmann still lacked self-confidence when he was in Barcelona. This is a problem he still has."


"I don't know what caused this kind of problem, but I don't think that Griezmann's ability is not good. I think he just has not built up his self-confidence, and this is my idea."


"He has adapted to the French national team for several years. France has an excellent coach. Deschamps has been coaching there for a long time, and they also have a stable system."


"When Griezmann was in Atletico, he was also very motivated, and when he came to Barcelona he lost his confidence. I hope Griezmann can perform best afterwards."


According to previous news from Serre Radio, Barcelona plans to continue to implement salary cuts in the new season, and the salary cut will reach 30% of the full year. Rivaldo also talked about this in an interview, and he believes that a salary cut may be a problem for Barcelona. Rivaldo said: "Barca hopes that all members of the club will cut their salaries by 30%. To be honest, I think it is difficult for Barcelona to implement such a plan."

根据Serre Radio的先前消息,巴塞罗那计划在新赛季继续实施降薪,降薪将达到全年的30%。里瓦尔多在接受采访时也谈到了这一点,他认为降薪对于巴塞罗那来说可能是个问题。里瓦尔多说:“巴萨希望俱乐部的所有成员将其工资削减30%。说实话,我认为巴塞罗那很难实施这样的计划。”

"Some players in the Barcelona team are definitely not willing to accept such a plan, so the team will face a difficult job."


Brazil defeated Peru 4-2 in the second round of the South American preliminaries of the previous World Cup. Neymar completed a hat-trick in the game. Two of Neymar’s goals came from penalty kicks, and he again After receiving criticism from the outside world, Rivaldo said: "Neymar has been criticized again, and some people outside are talking about him diving."


"But I think this is also part of the football game. Sometimes it is important to make a reasonable use of the rules to get a penalty. Neymar was indeed pulled by the defensive player, and he took advantage of the opportunity and finally got a penalty."


"No matter what kind of controversy there is, Neymar has completed a hat-trick and helped Brazil win. This is to be congratulated, and Neymar has performed very well since last season. I want to congratulate him."


"Neymar’s Brazilian national team has surpassed Ronaldo in the number of goals scored, and now he is second only to the great legend Pele. Brazil has many world-class players, and Peru is a difficult opponent to deal with, although Brazil may be stronger. , But Peru also created difficulties for Brazil. Fortunately, Brazil won the game."


Finally, Rivaldo talked about the Champions League. He said that he is looking forward to the Champions League. Rivaldo said: "The UEFA Champions League will officially start next week. We will have many exciting games, such as Paris Saint-Germain against Manchester United and Atlanta against Atletico Madrid."


"The Champions League is the most competitive event in the world. The best teams in the world are ready for the game, and I am looking forward to the Champions League match."




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